1) CFP: Global Musical Modernisms blog

The Global Musical Modernisms blog is a forum for all forms of music created, received and appropriated as “modern” in any location around the globe, crossing the boundaries of post/tonality. The focus is primarily but not exclusively on art, avant-garde, experimental, and modernist music, by global (African, Middle Eastern, Central/ South/ Southeast/ East Asian, Latin American, Australasian etc.) composers, minority composers from the West, and composers from the peripheries of Europe and North America.

The blog currently contains posts on works of modern music by Takemitsu (post authored by Tomoko Deguchi, Winthrop University), Unsuk Chin (Jungmin Lee), Jo Kondo (Anton Vishio, William Paterson University), Helena Tulve (Amy Bauer, UC Irvine), and Cui Jian (Yahui Cheng, University of South Florida). I would like to invite authors who wish to contribute a post to write to Gavin Lee ( with a brief self-introduction and a short proposal mentioning a specific work to be discussed in the blog post by Jul 10, 2020. If the proposals are accepted, completed posts of 1000-1500 words (together with a brief biography and a photo at the end) are to be submitted as a Word document by Aug 10, 2020.

Completed posts will undergo a peer review and peer editing process, where writers will be reviewers/editors for each other’s posts, with an eye to adherence to academic conventions, including use of footnotes, videos, and (if applicable) lyrics and musical examples. There is no limit on the number of posts which may be published, provided they serve as an accessible, well-written introduction to a modern work.

 2) Global Musical Modernisms HC Website

Have a look at the Humanities Commons website (which the blog is part of), where you can: upload your articles and scores of compositions; create and maintain a bibliography and a teaching resources document etc. I would encourage you to do the following at the HC website:

b) Upload your own publications (under “From CORE”).
c) Update the bibliography with your own publications (under “Docs”).
d) Upload scores which you write about in your publications (with composers’s permission, under “Files”).
e) Upload syllabi and teaching resources (under “Files”). This might be a e.g. 20C music survey syllabus which incorporates global musical modernism, or PDF of composers’s sketches (with their permission).