2022 collection

Featuring posts on music of the following African, Afro-French, South Asian/Canadian, Chinese, Indigenous Mexican American, Israeli, and Swedish composers:

Brady, Sophie A. “Francis Bebey’s Living Room Experiments.”

Heile, Björn. “Akin Euba: African Art Music, Intercultural Composition and Creative Ethnomusicology

Peiris, Eshantha. “Hindustani Rhythm and Dinuk Wijeratne’s ‘Poetry of Squares.’

Lena HENG and WANG Mengqi. “Percussion writing in 12 Questions on ‘Heavenward Questions’: Can Western instruments become Chinese?

Locke, Ralph. “Paul Ben-Haim (1897-1984), Sweet Psalmist of Israel (Neʻim zmirot Yisraʼel): Three Symphonic Fragments for Orchestra, for harpsichord, harp, and orchestra (1953).”

Locke, Ralph. “Laci Boldemann, Black Is White, Said the Emperor (1965, in Swedish).”

Lee, Gavin. “History and Bibliography of the Global Musical Modernisms Website.”

Lee, Gavin. “Interview with Trans Indigenous Composer Mari Esabel Valverde.”