Global Musical Modernisms is a forum for all forms of music received and appropriated as “modern” in any location around the globe, crossing the boundaries of post/tonality and musical genres. The focus is on art, avant-garde, experimental, modernist, and popular music, by global (African, Middle Eastern, Central/ South/ Southeast/ East Asian, Latin American, Australasian etc.) music-makers, minority music-makers from the West, and music-makers from the peripheries of Europe and North America.

Authors in each annual collection serve as peer editors for each other, shaping each post into an accessible piece of writing (with analytical graphs where appropriate) that is a scholarly guide to global musical modernisms and a multi-media teaching resource.

Editor: Gavin Lee is a scholar of music studies at the intersection of global musical modernisms, popular music, queer and decolonial theory, posthumanism, and East Asia. His work is published by Journal of the Royal Musical Association, Current Musicology, Music Theory Spectrum, Music Analysis, and Routledge.

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